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Letters of Recommendation

Park City Estates HOA, Inc.

2300 SW 87th Avenue, Davie, Florida 33324




March 4, 2014

Mitchell Ball USAPA Ambassador of South Florida Pickleball

Dear Mitchell,

On behalf of the Park City Estates Homeowners Association, Inc., I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for coming to Park City Estates on February 26, 2014 and giving our members a demonstration of Pickleball. As you know we are trying to get management of the park to redo one of the common areas at Friendship Hall from a mini-golf course into 2 Pickleball Courts. After reviewing documentation and seeing a demonstration by yourself and members of the PCE Homeowners Association we were able to see the enjoyment that our residents would be able to have. Your efforts on our behalf made the day for us. Your professionalism helped to make it exactly what we had wanted to present to the residents and more! Please accept our thanks for a wonderful job and especially how your interaction with our members enhanced the demonstration. I'm sure if our members have any more questions you will be able to answer them completely. Thank you again Mitchell. Your help and knowledge made our demonstration an absolute success.


Jan Laub

President PCE HOA, Inc.

2300 SW 87th Avenue,

Davie, FL 33324

To whom It May Concern:

My name is Gerri Tynan and I am the fitness director at Club Health in Century Village at Pembroke Pines.  We had adapted some of our Tennis Courts to Pickleball Courts and I was looking for someone that knew the game. I contacted Mr. Jeffery Stern, who plays Pickleball  at Pine Island Park and asked him about doing a demonstration for us. He, in turn recommended Mr. Mitchell Ball, who has opened 20 places in Dade and Broward counties.  I contacted Mr. Ball who was very professional with an obvious love for the game, and we set up an early Saturday morning demo.

Mitchell and his assistant were there early to prepare. He put up a Pickleball banner on the fence of the court so our residents would be aware of what was happening. I also made announcements in our classes a few weeks before. Since Pickleball is becoming such a popular sport, we had many of our residents show up that morning. Mitchell was very organized, as well as friendly and knowledgable. He gathered everyone together and gave them a little background on himself and the game. Scoring was explained and then he broke the crowd up in teams.  Mitchell had boundless energy going from person to person explaining technique and form. Everyone had a great time!  Lastly, Mitchell took 2 of the best players of the day and he and his assistant played a doubles game to show how much fun the game can be.

The demo was so successful that we asked Mitchell to come back and do a series of clinics in order to reach more people. With the help of Mr. Mitchell Ball we are looking forward to an awesome Pickleball Program.

Please contact Gerri Tynan at or call 954-435-6070 for any additional information.

Gerri Tynan

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